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What are Glide-On Balconies?

Because of their simplistic yet innovative approach, Glide-on balconies are rapidly replacing traditional concrete balconies.

The first part is the bracketry which can be chosen from a range of cast-in or post-fixed brackets to enable the connection to the main building structure or floor slab, each with steel arms protruding from the façade.


The balcony Cassette® (the frame structure and balustrade) is a deck made with oversized holes to receive the steel arms when the Cassette® is craned into position.


Each Cassette® is delivered preassembled and factory finished to a high-quality standard with minimal on-site finishing.

IMG_7065_mr2rgc-A4 landscape web.jpg
IMG_3457_xohxp9-A4 landscape web.jpg

Anchors & Stubs

The first part of an ideal balcony solution is a rigid connection back to the building. We have a number of solutions for you from cast-in balcony anchors to post-fixed solutions.


The balcony anchors and connection back to the building, whilst unseen, is structurally the most important element.

Thermal Breaks

Choosing an anchor which has very good thermal performance, but poor structural performance is likely to not only cost more but not provide the thermal benefit of having a similar performing thermal anchor which enable fewer connections to be used.

The Cassette® balcony system is considerably lighter in weight, (primarily because of its aluminium construction) and the anchors used are considerably stronger than other options available which both mean that the number of anchor connections required can be reduced, saving cost and minimising cold bridging.

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